Do we use natural leather?

Yes we only use natural leather. We source robust unprocessed skins that include natural imperfections and grains which are a unique feature of our bags.


Will the leather frame soften?

We use robust leather for the frame to make the bag fit for carrying large loads. After several weeks use the frame will begin to soften and add to the ease of use. Although made to last for a long time we do recommend not overloading with excessively heavy items.


Is the leather waterproof?

As we use natural leather it is not waterproof. However, the bag can be protected using waterproofing spray. The more spray you use the more waterproof it will become, however, please be aware that spray may change the finish of the leather.


Will the bag get damaged if it gets wet?

As explained the leather will soak up some water but this will not damage the bag. If this is merely a rain shower then there is no danger to the contents. If the bag does get wet simply hang it up as you would clothes and it will most likely be dry by the morning.


Will the colour of the suede run?

The color has been fixed however this is never 100%. If the bag becomes saturated then there can be a very minimal transfer of colour between dark suede and light cotton material however this is a rare occurrence especially if it is protected with spray.


Are the materials organic?

We strongly favour working with suppliers that use locally sourced materials. The natural wool and leather that is used to make our bags are by-products of the meat industry, the majority of which comes from the central lowlands of Bolivia near Santa Cruz and therefore minimizing the transport involved.


Is Beara Beara a fair-trade business?

Since our launch in 2012, it has been our mission to work closely with small local businesses and families, to develop long lasting and successful working relationships. We have chosen not to apply for Fair Trade registration simply for the fact that we are perfectly comfortable with our business practices and don’t feel we need the stamp of approval of an outside organisation. As the retail side of the business grows we subsequently provide more people with a regular income and continue to improve the lives of many who were once struggling.

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